Yamaha DTX Xplorer with Yamaha Speaker System *Trade in*

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Complete Five Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Yamaha Monitor System, Stool and Sticks. 

The DTXPL has a snare pad, three tom pads, a kick pad, hi hat and two cymbal pads. The kit even includes a bass drum pedal.

32 Factory Kits, 10 User Kts, 214 Voices

The 32 factory programmed kits give you a wide variety of kits that can be used in almost any musical situation. The 10 user kits allow you to build custom kits using any of the 214 voices for your particular needs as a musician.

Groove Check with Rhythm Gate

The DTXPL module has our popular Groove Check function, but takes it to the next level as a learning tool. You can engage the Rhythm Gate so that when you play out of time the module will mute the drums until you get back in time with the click.

Multi Zone Inputs

The snare input will acept a three zone pad giving you the head, rim shot, and cross stick sounds. The cymbal inputs will accept dual zone cymbals and allow cymbal choking.

Includes a Bass Drum Pedal

The DTXPL comes complete with an FP-6210 strap drive pedal so you don't have to purchase a pedal seperately.

Yamaha Monitor Amp System

A 2.1-channel monitor system for electronic drums that is designed for home use. It is one of the most compact monitor systems in the world, so it won't take up too much space in your home. It also has a stylish black design that will match well with the room you use it in. The system consists of left and right satellite speakers, which can be attached to a rack, and a subwoofer. These speakers enable you to experience intensely realistic stereo sound that will make you feel like you are performing on an acoustic drum set. Also, this system is perfect for monitoring in the home, with 20W of power for each of the two satellite speakers and 40W of power for the subwoofer.


Pads TP65x5, PCY65x2, KP65x1
Voices 192 drum and percussion, 214 total
Maximum Polyphony 32
Tone Generator 16 bit AWM2
Trigger setups 4 preset, 1 user
Display 16x2 LCD w/backlight
Connections MIDI out, Output L/mono, R, Phones, AUX in, Hihat Controller, trigger inputs 1,5,6 stereo, 2,3,4,7 mono phone jack
SKU 965
Brand Yamaha

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