Belcat 'SW Series' SW400 Wireless Acoustic Guitar Sound-Hole Pickup

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The Belcat SW series of acoustic guitar sound-hole pickups are as unique as they are versatile. Featuring wireless connectivity with a 30 meter range, dual single coil pickups and independent volume and tone controls, the SW series offers the most convenient and flexible sound-hole pickup available.

Unlike traditional acoustic guitar magnetic sound-hole pickups, the Belcat SW series sound-hole pickups dual single coil design means you can choose between the neck and bridge position with ease. Each pickups pole pieces are adjustable with the supplied hex key. With independent volume and tone controls for each pickup, the SW series lets you choose any pickup and tonal combination you desire. 

The SW series comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery with up to 6 hours of operation on a single charge. The battery is easily recharged via the supplied USB cable, and can even be charged using the USB port of your smart phone!

With the Belcat SW series sound-hole pickup you'll never step on or get tangled up in a lead ever again!

*Guitar not included*

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