NUX MG-30 Multi Effects Guitar Processor

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Transform your musical journey with the NU-X MG-30 – the ultimate multi-effects processor for guitarists. Packed with an impressive array of effects, amp models, and features, the MG-30 delivers unparalleled versatility and sonic exploration. From classic tones to modern innovations, unlock limitless creativity and expression with intuitive controls and seamless functionality. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding enthusiast, the NU-X MG-30 is your passport to an electrifying world of sound. Elevate your performances and recordings with precision and power – experience the future of guitar effects with the NU-X MG-30


  • Two powerful NXP® RT processors, MG-30 drives 1024 samples
  • Impulse Response resolution with ultra-low system latency to give you tight and fast response
  • Premium 32-bit 2-channel AD/DA converters realize "high quality sound performance"
  • MG-30 has super wide dynamic range ~ 110dB
  • Pro-Level Amp Modeling with Bias Tweaking
  • 11 Independent moveable signal blocks with optional parallel post-efx routing
  • 4" large colorful LCD with intuitive UI
  • 1024 samples IR resolution and 3rd party IR loader slot with each user patch
  • Versatile application scenes and global settings
  • Ultra-low system latency(2ms) and 2 powerful DSPs
  • Comes with NMP-2 for external foot control
  • USB recording interface, firmware update, QuickTone™ edit software

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