Pearl Export Plus EXX Fusion Package in Black Cherry Glitter

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22" Bass Drum

14" Snare Drum

12" Tom

13" Tom

16" Tom

Each drum in the complete Export kit is built true to Pearl's standard for excellence by combining quality and value into one package.

Export is the perfect drum kit for the beginning player or serious student. Its powerful shell blend of Dark Asian Mahogany and White Poplar yields a high volume, powerful presence that continues to build legends.

All this, plus our sturdy 830 Series Hardware package, makes today's Export the total playing experience fit for the truly committed.  

Taking its cue from Pearl’s award winning Reference Series, Export puts sound first by blending premium Poplar and rich Asian Mahogany for an incredibly lush and full bodied tone.

Experience the new standard in its class… experience Export!

To pull the best voice from each piece in the set, Export's shell hardware elements are designed to enhance tone, increase volume, and keep everything where you need it. 

These include BSP70 bass drum spurs with retractable spike, the elegant NEL Lug and FTB07 Floor Tom Bracket, Opti-Loc three-point tom suspension mounts, insulated Bass Drum Claws, and 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops.

Each piece combines to not only keep each drum in tune, but also adds to the overall sound of the total drum kit. 



Opti-Loc Tom Suspension System

A three point isolation mount suspends the drum at two tuning points and one of the drum’s air vents for solid, stable play.



NEL100 Lugs

Small and elegant for reduced real estate on the shell, but efficient enough for tuning integrity in play.

Insulated Bass Drum Claws

Nylon insulators protect Export's matching lacquered bass drum hoops from "spider bite" damage common with metal claws, and offer slight.

Export comes complete with a solid set of gig ready stands. Featuring flexible gearless adjustments, multi joint positioning, and the upgraded speed of the P930 Demon style bass drum pedal, the 830 Series double braced hardware pack is an excellent way to begin for the student or advancing player.

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