Rode Rodecaster Pro II Quad Bundle Package

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Package Includes

1x Rodecaster Pro II

4x Rode Pod Mic

4x Rode PSA1+

4x Rode NTH100 Headphones

1x Rode Caster II Cover

The RØDECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio solution for podcasters, streamers, musicians and content creators. It features four high-quality Neutrik® combo jacks for connecting both microphones and instruments, with ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps™ plus studio-grade APHEX® audio processing delivering superior sound quality. The nine channels – including six broadcast-quality physical faders and three virtual faders – are individually assignable for creating personalised mixer configurations to suit any recording setup. The eight fully programmable SMART pads can be used for everything from triggering sound and voice FX to activating mixer actions and sending MIDI commands. Advanced Bluetooth® connectivity, dual USB-C interfaces, and Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections offer unrivalled integration with computers, smartphones and other devices. The RØDECaster Pro II is powered by a high-performance quad-core audio engine, which delivers peerless processing power. It is also incredibly simple to use, with a large high-definition touchscreen and rotary encoder for easy navigation, intuitive control over audio processing via VoxLab™, and professionally tailored presets.

Ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps™ (-131.5dBV EIN, 76dB gain)

Four high-quality Neutrik® combo inputs for connecting microphones and instruments

Nine individually assignable channels with six broadcast-quality physical faders and three
virtual faders

High-performance quad-core audio engine

Studio-grade APHEX® audio processing and on-board effects

Eight fully programmable SMART pads with bank switching

Dual USB-C interfaces and advanced Bluetooth® connectivity

Multitrack or stereo recording to a microSD™ card, USB storage device or computer

Four high-quality headphone outputs and ¼-inch balanced line outputs

5.5-inch high-definition touchscreen with haptic feedback and rotary encoder for easy
navigation and control
Freq Range:
Mic Inputs:
20Hz – 20kHz
Monitor Outputs:
20Hz – 20kHz
Microphone Input Impedance:
Instrument Input Impedance:
Input Dynamic Range:
Preamplifier Gain Range:
0 – 76dB
Equivalent Noise:
-131.5dBV (A-weighted)
Line Output Maximum Level:
Headphone Output Power:
Power Requirements:
30W USB-C PD (15V, 2A)
Analogue Audio Input Connectivity:
4 x combo jack inputs (microphone, line, instrument)
Analogue Audio Output Connectivity:
2 x balanced line output,
4 x headphone output
Bluetooth Connectivity:
Bluetooth audio with Music and Headset profile (wide band speech)
USB Interface 1:
1 x 2-in/16-out multichannel device, 1 x 2-in/2-out with mix-minus
USB interface 2:
1 x 2-in/2-out with mix-minus
Bit Depth:
Sample Rate:
Recording Storage:
microSDHC, microSDXC, USB

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