Shure WH20XLR Wireless Headset Bundle

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Shure WH20 Headset

The Shure WH20 which is a rugged, lightweight, dynamic headset microphone that provides high-quality voice pickup. It fits securely for active microphone users, such as aerobics instructors and musicians, with low visibility for stage appearances.

The cardioid (unidirectional) pickup pattern provides greater gain-before-feedback and isolation from ambient noise and other unwanted sound sources. A carefully shaped frequency response includes a voice-frequency presence peak and a low-frequency roll-off to compensate for the proximity effect inherent in cardioid mics during close-talk operation.

Aroma ARC1 Wireless Microphone System 5.8Ghz

Operating on a 5.8Ghz transmission rather than the standard 2.4Ghz means this system delivers a pristine audio signal and is not subject to wifi interference.

  • For microphones or instruments with XLR connectors
  • Transmitter with XLR female connector & receiver with XLR male connector
  • Transmitter and Receiver have large capacity built-in lithium batteries
  • Four built-in channels, with four colours to indicate each channel.
  • Delay time less than 5.6ms


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