Singular Sound Cable Wrap System

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Install any music cable just once and you’ll never worry about cable slack again. Just pull out the desired amount leaving excess in the Cabli for a tidy jam space or gig.

Wrap a cable twice as fast thanks to the Cabli’s ability to wind up both ends at once!

Your cables will take up less space thanks to the Cabli’s ability to hold up to 30ft (9m) of cable in just 7in x 1.68in (17.78cm x 4.27cm).

Built out of ABS, enabling it to be both light (10oz/280g) and durable!

Cable Manufacturers were consulted on the design to ensure that it won’t over tighten or pinch your cables in anyway, extending your cable’s longevity.

Built in pinch preventer ensures that the bend in the center of your cable is not too narrow, protecting your cables from damage.
• Holds any audio cable including 1/4″, XLR, MIDI, Right Angle, SpeakOn, and more.
• Can hold up to 30′ (9m) of braided cable and 20′ (6m) of rubber cable.
• Built in detangler automatically detangles as you wind.
• Durable plastic shell keeps your cable protected, helping to extend your cable’s life.
• Included handle and 2 sided mid-plate wind both ends of your cable at the same time, resulting in lightning quick winding times.
• Weight: 10 ounces (280 grams)
• Dimensions: 7″ (17.78 cm) diameter and 1.68″ (4.27 cm) thick

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