Voltage Vintage Coil Cable

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The Vintage Coil is proudly designed, packaged and hand soldered in Sydney Australia 
using the finest components available. the unique Pantone colour, style and clarity of this coil make it the perfect premium, vintage choice for any guitarist.

- 20 AWG multi strand 95% oxygen free copper core

- Bare copper spiral shield for flexibility & memory 

- Tough 6.2mm outer jacket 

- 25ft in length ( stretched )  

- G&H USA High clarity nickel plugs ( Copper to Copper Technology )

Cardas ( Bandon, Oregon USA ) Quad Eutectic silver solder 

- Limited lifetime warranty 

- Hand made in Sydney, Australia

Why G&H High Clarity plugs:

 The BF2PM Series is a High Clarity extension of our original “Bigfoot” series 1/4” plugs. By eliminating the solder tab your signal has a more direct path producing a cleaner sound. The BF2PM series retains the solid, separately crimped ground of the BF2P and it's insert molded design assure the highest reliability.

It starts with an Oxygen Free copper core for maximum conductivity. The copper is expanded into the tip for a solid connection. Then it, along with the plug body are placed into a plastic mold. The insulating material is injected into them forming a solid assembly.

Detailed Description

  • Oxygen-free copper core for highest conductivity
  • 1/2” profile file for highest packing density
  • Tin plated ground for ease of soldering
  • Solid brass housing protects the plug
  • Separately crimped ground won't loosen
  • Hot solders directly to the copper core for clean signal transmission