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As a musician and/or singer, whether you’re performing live, rehearsing with a band or recording in a studio, you need to hear both yourself and the other musicians. But just as importantly, you need to have control over what you hear. Everyone hears differently from their own perspective, so everyone needs to have control over their own mix. Ideally, you’d have a monitor engineer—but in most situations it’s likely that you or another band member are controlling the monitor mix from the stage. Or a sound technician at the other end of the room has the control; but it’s hard to communicate with them during a show. Instead of having a fixed monitor mix from the board, PX allows you to set up a simple three-channel monitor mix that allows you to adjust the levels that matter to you the most—on the fly. For example, one knob could control your vocal level, one could control your instrument level, and another could be a sub mix of other vocals and instruments. With the PX system, control of that balance is always within reach, and always adjusted perfectly to your liking!

PX Mixer/Headphone Amplifier Complete System

  • One PX-A mixer/headphone amplifier
  • One PX-B snake
  • One Cat 5 25-foot cable (7.62 meters)
  • Three balanced XLR to unbalanced ¼” TS adapters

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