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TAMA's STARSTAR is the latest link to entry-level excellence for an "all-in-one" complete, 5-piece drum set with hardware and cymbals at an outstanding price. 100% Poplar 6ply 7mm shells produce full, dynamic tones. The bass drum pedal has separate spring tension and beater angle adjustments. The 14" hi-hat and 16" crash cymbals use thicker gauge brass than is common at this price to provide increased volume and durability. Also included is a double-braced drum throne with spindle height adjustment, which is more secure and easier to position up/down than is a fixed bolt height adjustment. TAMA's Omnisphere Tom Holder uses ball/socket design for flexible positioning and secure hold. With STAGESTAR, the stage is set.

Configuration-22"x16"BD, 10"x8" TT, 12"x9"TT, 16"x15"FT, 14"x5.5"SD

Kit Includes:

Double Tom Holder, Hi-Hat Stand, Drum Pedal, Snare Stand, Boom Cymbal Stand, Drum Throne & Cymbal Set

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